The old ways of doing business don’t work anymore. As millennials move into the workforce, they bring with them a changing perspective on the environment and how to save it. Plastic recycling is among the most important ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and save energy and by implementing sustainable business practices, we become part of the solution. Here are 6 ways you can help save the environment at your business.

1.  Set up recycling bins to reduce carbon footprint By providing recycling bins in all your work areas you are telling employees and visitors that you care for the environment. This encourages staff to recycle at work and can affect their decisions at home.

2. Install filtered water system More people are drinking water as their choice of beverage throughout the day. By having a water cooler at work, they are more likely to drink that instead of purchased beverages. Encourage employees to bring water bottles to work or provide them with a company bottle.

3. Reduce paper waste Switch office communications to digital as much as possible. Email and inter-office messaging is a great way to communicate without using paper. Setting up online banking for payroll and payables/receivables will also contribute to the solution.

4. Telecommuting This is a new approach to working that allows employees to work from home. You can save office space and energy usage while giving your workers an attractive option for employment.

5. Change to LED lightbulbs By switching out incandescent bulbs for LED, you conserve energy by up to 90%. You can cut your energy costs and while protecting the environment at the same time.

6. Turn off electronics It’s surprising how much power is used by computers and printers overnight. Just having them plugged in while you are not there produces standby power. Have employees turn off all electronics at the end of the day. You can use surge protectors to make it easier.

These are easy-to-do changes that can make a big impact on your business and your employee’s work life. At ComPlas Packaging with we strive to be eco friendly and see plastic recycling as part of the solution to reducing climate change. Contact us today for more information.