When you manufacture a product to sell in the marketplace, it needs to be protected for handling and distribution while having identifying information. From bananas to boats and everything in between, what we buy and sell has packaging and labelling on it.

There are three main types of packaging:

  • Primary packaging retail packaging at stores like jars, cans, and bags. They also can include a specific label for the product.
  • Secondary packaging packaging that carries primary packaging like cardboard cases that hold drinks.
  • Tertiary packaging bulk shipping for commercial transport.

Packaging and labelling is important for your brand in many ways:

They Protect Products

A sealed box or container will protect your items from damage and contamination while extending shelf life. Your primary packaging may be glass or food items that require a rigid container to preserve it. 

They Promote Your Brand

You want to promote your business and build brand recognition. Having your logo on your packaging is essential for creating brand awareness. You want people to recognize your brand and logo.

They Provide Information

Descriptions of your products can be printed on the packaging so your customers can see who made the product, what are the uses, and ingredients. Having a label on the product inside will let the customer know what they have without the primary packaging.

They Provide Ease of Storage and Transport

Having a solid box or container will make shipping and storing your products easy and safe. There are many people that handle your products on their way to the consumer so it is best to have sturdy packaging.

They Differentiate Products

You may have similar packaging for several products in your line and there needs to be a way to identify each item. Labelling on containers with direct printing or adhesive labels will help you when stocking and shipping items. 

Ultimately, packaging and labelling tell your story. It informs customers about your brand and your mission. You can custom design your packaging to connect with consumers as well as wholesale clients. With bold labelling on all your products, people will recognize your company and its offerings, building brand awareness and recognition.

You need to stand out from your competition and high-quality packaging and labelling is the perfect way to do it. Contact ComPlas International for all your packaging needs.