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Complas is delighted to announce that they now handle all Irish sales, administration, stock holding, distribution and technical support for the whole range of Bag in a Box, Super Pouch and Filling Equipment.

We offer dedicated stock, providing the fastest possible response to customer and market requirements.

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Complas supplies Bag in Box, which is certified according to FSSC 22000 and recognized by EcoVadis. Bag in Box is a great replacement to other forms of packaging and helps reduce packaging waste. Demand is increasing across both the food and chemical sectors.

Bag in Box is a packaging system that consists of the high-quality multilayer bag with top-notch dispensers and the cardboard box. It offers liquid products manufacturers the opportunity to transport and store their products in a safe, reliable and economical packaging.

There is a full cycle production process, which ensures 100% control and traceability of Bag in Box packaging. PE film, laminated metallised materials and fitments are produced at the same factory.

Owing to the highest quality materials used in Bag in Box production, the bags can be filled at temperatures up to 85 °C.


Dairy Products





Liquid Eggs

Sauces and Concentrats



Milk Cap

Screw Cap Blue, Adapter Natural


Snap Cap Natural


Pouring Cap

Snap Cap Blue

Advantages of Bag-in-Box

  • Produced from high quality polyethylene that does not affect the smell and taste of the contents

  • Increases the expiry date of products after opening, the packaging is flexible and fits any type of your box package

  • The strength of the bag in box barrier layer prevents air from entering the product and protects against direct contact of the sun rays

  • Due to the external container (box), a large sector of space is provided for branding

  • Recyclable, reduces the impact on the environment compared to other types of packaging

  • Substantial savings during transportation and storage



For retail: 2 liters/ 3 liters/ 5 liters/ 10 liters
For HORECA: 10 liters / 20 liters / 22 liters
Industrial filling: 220 liters


Metallized material: standard, laminate under 220 l
Transparent material: EVOH (with PA) or EVOH (without PA)
PE / PA material


Super Pouch is a new solution, a new type of flexible packaging. Bright, attractive and convenient the bag allows for better branding. Super Pouch is a self-standing bag made of multilayer combined material and equipped with a Т-Тap. Unlike Bag in Box, Super Pouch does not require a outer box, but is still a great solution.

Super Pouch possesses great barrier properties. Its oxygen impermeability guarantees that the product preserves its taste and flavors for longer. Super Pouch is lightweight, which provides for easy portability and cost-effective transportation.

The Pouch is available from 0.75L to 10L.


Milk Products



Vegetable Oil



Household Chemicals

Chemicals for Cars


Milk Cap

Screw Cap


Pouring Cap

Advantages of Super Pouch

  • Super Pouch is made of high quality films that do not affect the smell and taste of the contents, while preserving and protecting the quality of your product

  • Increases the expiry date of products after opening

  • The strength of the Super Pouch barrier layer prevents the ingress of air into the product and protects it from direct

  • Extensive branding space

  • Super pouch is flexible and durable, it doesn’t break

  • Recyclable, reduces the impact on the environment compared to other types of packaging

  • Substantial transportation and storage savings


Complas offers a wide range of filling equipment including the AUTOFLOW 300.

The AUTOFLOW 300 is designed for filling hot and cold liquids into Bag in Box and Super pouch packaging:

  • Capacity – 1000 liters per hour

  • Easy-to-use mechanism does all the work automatically. After inserting the bag into the filler, it automatically takes out the tap, vacuums the bag, fills it with liquid and closes the bag.

  • Integrated touch-screen control panel allows for easier work.

  • Meets a wide range of market requirements by allowing to fill the bags from 0.5L to 220L

  • Ensures efficient and simple operation and maintenance

  • Suitable for any application – from food and beverage to industrial liquids

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