Here at ComPlas International, we distribute polypropylene packaging material for the food and chemical industry. We design many different storage tubs in the container group to meet our customer’s requirements with varied sizes, styles, and colours to suit their product specifics.

Plastic buckets are in demand throughout the industry and we offer a wide range of options. They are capable of handling both light and heavy material, ensuring we can meet your needs. Our buckets are also approved for UN group I, II, and II liquids and solids.

Some benefits include:

  • High-density polypropylene construction which means no rusting and no dents
  • Lightweight handling 
  • Large size range with lids fitting different sizes
  • No drip emptying
  • Great packaging design with off-set printing and in-mould labelling
  • Strengthened for staking

Varied Uses

Our storage tub buckets are great for shipping commercial food and chemicals as well as industrial products. With UN certification you can safely ship adhesives, oil, lubricants, and chlorine as well as industrial solids. They are tamper evident and have a protective collar for worry-free storage and shipping. 

Bucket Types

  • Square core “PP” Bucket: filling volume from 3.1 ltr to 8.1 ltr
  • Round core “PP” Bucket: filling volume from 3.1 ltr to 31.8 ltr
  • Rectangle core “PP” Bucket: filling volume from 2.7 ltr to 23.8 ltr
  • Container Bucket: filling volume from 2.7 ltr to 2.9 ltr

This is the extensive range of storage and shipping buckets in our container group. For more information on how we can help you get your product to market please contact us today!