In the packaging materials world, you need to have top quality products. At ComPlas International, we lead the industry with high-quality containers and label application, both of which have BRCGS accreditation. 

The BRCGS was founded in 1996 to establish a standard in food safety called BRCGS, which include several BRCGS certifications. They were enacted to ensure safety, quality, and an operational framework for manufactures to follow while protecting the end consumer.

Different BRCGS Standards

  • BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7: This was the first Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and today among the top standards for food safety certification.
  • BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials Issue 5: The GFSI committee recognized this standard as the first in the world for packaging materials.
  • BRCGS Global Standard for Storage and Distribution Issue 4: This standard also became a GFSI benchmark for storage and distribution.
  • BRCGS Global Standard for Agents and Brokers: Agents and brokers are given this standard for product quality and safety throughout the packaging and food sector.

There are also two consumer product standards to highlight the range of products and are certified at the foundation level and above. These include:

  • Global Standard for Consumer Products for general merchandise.
  • Global Standard for Consumer Products for personal care and household products.

The BRCGS Global Standard for Retail gives certification for businesses of food products at the retail level.

Ultimately BRCGS is a safety net for suppliers and consumers, assuring quality of product and protection of all parties. ComPlas International is proud to be part of that accreditation and strives to deliver a high-density polyethylene plastic container that exceeds industry standards. Contact us today for all your packaging needs.