Label Application Solution

In addition to our packaging materials, label design and printing service, Complas International also offers a complete label application solution for all sizes of pots, containers and lids. 

Application solutions for all kinds of packaging

As a leading supplier of packaging for all industries, Complas International understands the challenges of packaging label application. Especially if you are producing on a large scale, adding labels to your packaging can significantly increase your costs and production time. By entrusting your label application to us, you can free up your resources for other vital functions, knowing that your labelling is in the hands of experts with decades of experience in the packaging industry. 

Our labelling service is perfect for all industries, including makers of foods and beverages, household products and pet food, to mention only a few. It doesn’t matter whether you are a big brand, producing on a large scale for national or international distribution, or a small company making bespoke, artisanal goods for a niche market, we can provide a labelling solution to suit the scale of your output, as well as the type, size and shape of your packaging. 

Post-mould labelling

Complas International excels in both in-mould (IML)and post-mould labelling (PML). In-mould labelling involves the addition of labels during the manufacture of the packaging itself and forms part of our packaging manufacture services. PML refers to the addition of labels to pots, containers and lids after production. We provide PML services both for packaging that we have produced and for containers that have been supplied to you by third parties. 

For more information on our label application solutions, contact Complas International.