When it comes to container labelling, you have options. You can go with traditional paper labelling and it will get the job done. The problem is you can’t guarantee quality after it’s shipped.  It certainly is not the way a company wants to present their product. Fortunately, we have another option. 

In-Mould Labelling

Your label is a part of your brand and it needs to be perfect. In-mould labelling is an innovative process that puts your printed labelling inside the mould while the container is being made. It literally becomes part of the container. 

Many industries use this new method for their package labelling and it has taken off in healthcare, automotive, pharmaceutical, and food sectors as well as cosmetics and beverages. It’s a billion-dollar industry and that has driven down the cost of manufacturing and created awareness of a more sustainable way of packaging.

There are 2 types of in-mould labelling

Injection Moulding

With this method, you fit your label inside the mould and then inject molten plastic in. When the plastic solidifies the two components become one. 

Blow Moulding

Blow moulding occurs when heated plastic is extruded in tube form and a stream of air is forced inside, expanding the plastic onto the mould. A label is already positioned along the walls and joins the plastic while it cools.

Static Generation

This method is used to stabilise the label while in the mould. Labels are charged so they stay in place with varnishes and inks and also pinning heads are used to transfer the charge to the label while on the mould.

This is the most proficient and high-quality method for in mould labelling and Complas is at the forefront of it. Contact us today to learn more.