197px-Resin-identification-code-5-PP.svgAll our pots / tubs are manufactured from a food grade POLYPROPYLENE usually referred to as “PP” with the symbol “5 PP” at the bottom of the pack.

Polypropylene has some great properties that make it very useful as a packaging raw material.

Advantages of clear polypropylene include:

  • Low density
  • Good stiffness/impact balance
  • Chemical and thermal resistance
  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Good moisture vapour barrier
  • Hot fill and retort capable
  • Microwavable
  • Freezer grades available
  • Tamper evident tabs

The low density of polypropylene reduces environmental impact.


It’s a real trend in packaging and a growing direction in the packaging market. Essentially, it refers to the impact a product has — on society, on finances, and on the environment. Did you know that polypropylene is fully recyclable? Or that it’s easier to recycle than almost any other plastic? It even flows more easily as it degrades, without cross linking, gel forming or off-gassing.

Carbon footprint

  • In terms of energy efficiency, polypropylene is comparable in gross energy to produce to many other plastics used for packaging.
  • Polypropylene produces less solid waste by weight than PET, PS or PVC.
  • Polypropylene produce significantly less CO2 equivalents by weight than PET, PS, and PVC.