Colours increase your sales

It might surprise you to know that of all mass merchandise purchase decisions are made in stores*. Purchase decisions are very quick, as shoppers spend 3/5 secs in front of the shelf before deciding to buy a specific product.

When you think about this, it is easy to understand how important it is to attract the shoppers’ visual attention to a product. If a product/packaging does not stand out on the shelf then the shoppers’ attention moves on. Products unseen are products not sold.

How to get your product noticed on shelf

Colours can and do greatly effect product sales. Colours communicate to your customer at a conscious and subconscious level, so it’s important to bear in mind these subconscious messages when picking the colour that best suits your brand or product.

For example:

Black Colour in packaging – This is the colour of power, control. It stands out as it makes a product seem heavier, more expensive which suggest a higher perceived value. However, in food packaging, it might be better to go with a brown as it’s more appetizing, natural but yet has similar sub-conscious messages as black.

Yellow Colour in packaging – This is the colour of cheerfulness, uplifting inspiring and suggests creativity. This suggests to the buyer a fun/happy product. It appeals to children and younger adolescents. It’s no accident that fast food brands favour yellow.

Not only is it important to pick the correct colour for your product/brand but also we need to ensure that the colour chosen communicates the correct sub-conscious message that works with your product or brand.

Here at Complas Packaging Limited we have a full range of colours to choose from across our packaging range. We’ll help you match our injection moulded pot colours to the colours on your label.

Your objective is better visibility. Make sure your product is not one of the UNSEEN items left on the shelf.

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*Point of Purchasing Advertising Institute